Introducing the first 3D printed bikini

[gallery]Continuum Fashion has launched a new project called N12, which is the first 100% 3D printed and ready-to-wear garment in the shape of a cute little bikini. To get it ready for printing, Rhino 3D CAD software and a specially written algorithmic script are used to create the structure of the 3D printed fabric. The material used to print (N12, which is where the name derives from) is a waterproof Nylon that can be printed on 3D printing machine. Due to the properties of the material, Continuum says that it's the first bikini that actually gets more comfortable when wet.

The bikini's design fundamentally reflects the beautiful intricacy possible with 3D printing, as well as the technical challenges of creating a flexible surface out of the solid nylon. Thousands of circular plates are connected by thin springs, creating a wholly new material that holds its form as well as being flexible. The layout of the circle pattern was achieved through custom written code that lays out the circles according to the curvature of the surface. In this way, the aesthetic design is completely derived from the structural design.” Mary Haung, Continuum Fashion

Sign me up, I would certainly love to try it out!

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