Spray-on Solar Cells

(image source via Solar Power Technofix)

PYRON SOLAR INC., in cooperation with Boeing-Spectrolab has invented miniature spray-on solar cells that can be dissolved and printed onto flexible material and there's a lot of buzz about the opportunites that this new alternative source of power introduces.

Solar-Cells.com envisions the cells sprayed directly into garment textiles: "A sweater is already absorbing all sorts of light both in the infrared and the visible," said Sargent. "Instead of just turning that into heat, as it currently does, imagine if it were to turn that into electricity."

Xiaomei Jiang of the University of South Florida says: "I think these materials have a lot more potential than traditional silicon," Jiang said. "They could be sprayed on any surface that is exposed to sunlight — a uniform, a car, a house." (Source via MSNBC) And even our clothing.