Body monitoring for healthier living

Cnet's Nafe Needdleman discusses an emerging trend around the collection of data streams about what we do, how we feel and how we move called the Quantified Self movement. In this Reporter Roundtable episode, he explores how it applies to healthcare and interviews two entrepreneurs who are working on a subset of the quantified self movement: body monitoring. Both their companies have the goal of making us more aware of ourselves. The first guest is Monisha Perkash, CEO of Lumoback, which is an adhesive patch that you wear to track and measure your posture. She talks about how we're swimming in data and how we can turn the data into something that is truly meaningful to help us improve our lives.

"We're now wearing code. We can now extend the power of computing from our phones and computers to our own bodies as a platform for innovation." says Monisha Perkash.

The second guest is Jef Holove of Basis, which is a sensor array in the form of a wrist watch that monitors heart rate, temperature, sweat levels, and movement. He talks about Consumer-approachable idea of collecting data about your body and turning it into insight about your health that everyday people understand.

Needdleman challenges the ideas by asking about security, whether or not these types of solutions are truly useful for us, and what's next for Lumoback and Basis.

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