Whispering dirty little secrets

Designer Addie Wagenknecht created this conceptual piece called Dirty Little Secrets during a wearable technology class in NYU's ITP program. Wagenknecht is interested in the implications of communication that is not edited or hidden and the reaction of people in both public spaces and smaller intimate settings. As a result, she integrated audio circuitry that plays vocal tracks of her "dirty little secrets" such as lies, passwords, credit card numbers, and unspoken desires. And the garment reacts to how the user wears it by adjusting the volume of the audio.

There are a couple of interesting concepts that she's investigating with this project. One is her interest in public vs. intimate spaces and the threshold of information in which people are willing to respond to. The other is the idea of using different positions of the garment on the body to cause a response. I'd love to see more examples of the gestures and their potential with this garment.

She documented her process here, which includes a video of the audio.