Wearable musical instrument

This toy piano shirt was made for the Electronic Textile workshop that was held in Zurich this month as part of the DIY Festival Zurich. All the parts were taken from a toy piano, integrated directly into the garment, and each note is played by touching a soft button sewn into the shirt. This hackable shirt isn't available on the market, but you can get your hands on it by making it yourself using the step-by-step instructables, or by purchasing the somewhat-similar Electric drumkit shirt by ThinkGeek.

There's something charming about playing your own shirt. I particular like the non-button gestures that trigger the sounds. For example, when the wearer moves his arms back and forth, is triggers a note. These types gesture opportunities are endless in garments. I would love to see him, or someone who is using his step-by-step instructables to explore the gesture possibilities even further.