Voice-activated inflatable combat

Front v3.0 developed a wearable device that changes and responds to the wearer's emotions. The Millefiore Effect is a voice activated inflatable combat game that is played between two people. It "elicits and facilitates responses and communication between people. This work both relies on and disrupts our codes of behavior and interaction with others."

These humorous garments are made of sections of offensive and defensive inflatable air sacs. A microphone is attached to the back of each garment that detects the volume of voice. This triggers fans that either inflate or deflate the wearer's or the opponent's garment.

What's fun about these gorgeous space-age garments is that the concept plays with the unpredictable variables in human conflict by allowing your emotional response to strategically protect you from your component or offensively attack. 

Watch the movie of it in action here.