Communication apparel

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Alis Cambol, interaction designer and design analyst at frog design in New York, has created a series of gorgeous garments that explore non-verbal communication titled Communication Apparel. Her work investigates a new language that can be expressed through clothes in combination with the wearer's gestures. She was inspired by the non-verbal communication of animal behaviors through their skin, fur, and behaviors. "By incorporating the non-verbal communication habits of animals into clothing, I proposed to enhance this capacity for expressivity. Using responsive technology, I was able to create a new visual language in human apparel, calling upon the dynamism of animal behaviors in response to danger, aggression, pleasure, and other feelings."

I particularly love the dress inspired by the frilled lizard, which raises its collar in moments of aggression. The lizard dress raises its collar when you cross your arms much like you would do if you were upset or becoming more aggressive. As you cross your arms, the collar raises, reacting naturally to the physical gesture.

Check out her beautiful videos that demonstrate the garments here. More info on the making here.