Hand-recording your experiences

Valeria Fuso has designed Jik, a glove that records your experiences by capturing video, images and sound in the context of where you are. Fuso is brilliantly exploring natural gestures as the interface that triggers recording actions such as holding your hand in the shape of a circle up to your eye, which tells the glove to begin recording an image and holding your hand up like signing the number "5" to tell the glove to record sound.

The idea of using natural gestures to trigger actions is ripe with opportunities. Now that this version is complete, I wish to see Jik implemented into something other than a glove so that it is more seamlessly integrated into the things we do and wear. In other words, what if Fuso's natural gestures were implemented into a full-fledged garment?

Imagine a garment that understands the direction you turn, if you are bent or sitting, if your arms are lifted or not, the elevation your cuffs are in, if it's buttoned up or not... How can this idea be pushed further into a more seamlessly integrated solution where the technology is more discrete and hidden?