Move is a concept technology garment that guides you toward optimal performance and precision in movement in an ambient, precise, and beautiful way. From daily activities to sports activities to expressive movement, it provides a softer, poetic, and more personal approach to physical performance that helps you alleviate incorrect physical movement, which can lead to chronic pain or even long-term damage. The more precise you can move, the faster you improve your fitness and overall health.


The Move experience is a platform that consists of a wearable technology garment that connects to a mobile app, a cloud service that includes a library of movements and storage so that you can save and backup any custom moves that you create along with your progress and tracking data.




The garment includes 4 stretch and bend sensors located in the front, back and sides. Together, they read your body’s position and muscle movement, assess whether it is correct, and provide real-time feedback to correct it through haptic feedback components located in the hips and shoulders. A mobile app allows you to assess, manage and customize your experience.



Precision movement

The garment can focus on both precision and expressive movements. For specific performance improvement, the garment is designed to help measure the precision in very specialized moves that derive from many different sports, fitness and physical therapy situations such as:

  • yoga
  • pilates
  • golf (i.e., golf swing)
  • baseball (i.e., pitcher's throw)
  • physical therapy

For example, Pilates is all about precision. Even the slightest hip hike can distract you from using the correct muscles. The garment measures your movement and provides feedback when you are off your target position. Haptic feedback embedded in the hips of the garment give you subtle "taps" on the side that needs adjusting. Continue to modify your move until you perform it correctly. Correct movement ensures better performance, faster improvement, and helps keep you from injury.





Expressive movement
The garment also focuses on more expressive moves that might be less about precision and more about gestures and overall body positioning. This can help with a variety of dance techniques such as:.

  • interpretive
  • modern
  • ballet
  • hip-hop
  • ballroom







Comfort, style and flexibility
Sports and fitness shouldn't be about adjusting your clothing. The clothing should adjust to you and the way you move. The Move garment is designed to function and help you with your performance with style and comfort. Aesthetics of the pattern and silhouette and soft, breathable and flexible materials were considered. And the electronics consist of soft and bendable eTextiles and small components that are hidden and located in areas that allow the garment to move fluidly with you.



Get a nudge when you need it, where you need it
Move analyzes and assesses your movements the moment you perform them. If they are incorrect, you get real-time feedback that feels like a subtle nudge in the location of your body that needs adjustments. For example, if your right hip is hiking up, get a nudge on your right hip. If your left side is slouching, get a nudge on your left shoulder. Continue to make modifications of the move until you get it right. Precise movement means better performance and results.



Assess your performance, track it over time, and set goals
The Move garment data is sent to a mobile app that allows you to view it in detail. From there, you can track your performance over time, see where you're improving and see what areas that need adjustment. You can set goals on the types of movements you want to improve and even customize the moves to your needs.




Get help from your support group
What better way to improve your performance than to rely on your support group. The Move app allows you to share your progress with friends who can help encourage you to stay motivated and experts who can help you set goals and keep your performance precise.




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Clothing is a core part of our expression and offers ways for us to communicate who we are and the context in which we live. Technology enables a richer connection with people and our environment and offers a new platform for communication and expression.


By merging the intimacy of clothing with the empowerment of technology, electricfoxy garments strive to enhance our lives and offer a much richer language for self-expression.


As an outcome, rather than simply attaching technology to clothing, electricfoxy investigates garments that have electronics built directly into them resulting in a new aesthetic of form and behavior that become a core part of our expression, our identity, and our individuality.


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