CES 2014, Las Vegas

I was invited to join a panel of wearable tech experts to discuss the future of this hot industry and introduce the highlights from the Kids@Play and Mommy Tech’s FashionWare show at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas 2014. Panelists included Marta Hall, President of Velodyne, Chris Herbert, CEO of Phone Halo, Judy Tomlinson, Founder of AvocSoft and CEO of FashionTEQ, and Jillian White, Marketing and Product Management at MC10.

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Taste of the Future Show

I was invited to participate in the Taste of the Future, which is a new television and web video series created by GeekWire as part of a team that also includes KING 5, Studio 216, and Jenni Hogan Media. Here’s the sneak preview of the pilot episode featuring a roundtable discussion about the future of augmented reality and wearable technologies.

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Wearable Tech Expo, New York

I recently joined the Wearable Technology Expo in New York to give the opening keynote. The keynote addressed “The Platform Promise of Wearable Tech”, which was held July 24-25, 2013 at the Kimmel Center at New York University in New York City. A transformational new era is upon us, as Google Glass, FitBits and a slew of wearable gadgets hit the market. In the keynote, Jennifer focused on the role of data-powered software and services and how they will take wearables away from the brick phone phase of today and into the future.

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South by Southwest (SXSW), Austin

I gave a talk at SXSW in Austin where I shared how an integrated ecosystem of hardware manufacturers, software and service providers and developers, and designers can work together to deliver on the potential of wearable technology. During the talk, I highlighted specific opportunities, emerging trends and business models that will allow wearable technology to become the next area for growth in the technology industry.

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Smart Fabrics Conference, San Francisco

I gave a talk at the Smart Fabrics Conference in San Francisco that focused on building the integrated wearable technology ecosystem with software and services. During my talk I shared key principles that emerging wearable ecosystem players need to take into account as they chart their path to market together, the role of software and services in developing integrated, compelling and meaningful consumer experiences. Lastly, I shared a vision for the tremendous opportunity in front of the wearable technology industry as it becomes a reality.

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Wearable Technology Conference, San Francisco

I gave a talk at the Wearable Technology Conference in San Francisco around the four principles that create more compelling wearable technology products. The conference was a packed house with 21 speakers presenting their ideas and new product developments in just one day. It was a sold-out crowd with a wait-list of attendees that ranged from technologists to researchers to start-ups launching new products. All around, the talks presented opportunities in this space along with mountainous challenges.

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A visit with Microsoft Research, Asta Roseway

A visit with Microsoft Research (MSR) to meet some of the researchers and designers who are doing some amazing work with wearable technology including Senior Research Designer Asta Roseway.

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A visit with Alison Lewis

A visit with Alison Lewis of iHeartSwitch who has been doing some amazing things while making electronics and wearable technology more accessible to a wider audience, especially girls and young women. Her work is definitely paving the way to making wearable technology more acceptable in mainstream markets.

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A visit with Maggie Orth

A visit with Maggie Orth of International Fashion Machines in her Seattle studio. After walking in and being inspired by the work that she has strung around her studio, we had a terrific conversation about wearable technology, the challenges, the realities, and possible opportunity areas for aspiring wearable technology designers.

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