Gloves that capture your secrets

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Designer and maker, Meg Grant, has been exploring wearable technology and eTextiles. Her latest work Secret Keeper Gloves, extends human behavior and tendencies in a poetic, playful way through simple interaction triggered by natural gestures. The gloves capture your secret as you cup your hands over your mouth to whisper it.

Here’s how it works:

  • The batteries, microchip and speaker are all in the left hand. This means that the left hand has a fully-contained playback circuit.
  • In order to activate playback, press the thumb and the forefinger of the left hand together.
  • The only components in the right hand are the microphone and an indicator LED.
  • When the left and right palms are pressed together, the record circuit is connected at three points, two on the heel of the hand for power and ground and one on the side of the hand for input from the microphone.
  • Record is activated by pressing the left and right thumbs together.
  • The embroidery makes it possible for the wearer to use a variety of thumb positions for record and playback.

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