Aesthetically augmented corsets

Posted by on Nov 10, 2008 in Aesthetics, Augmenting, Products | 2 Comments

Francesca Lanzavecchia designed a line of incredibly beautiful back braces that focus on merging function with aesthetics. Her book, ProAesthetics: Disability Artifacts, explores the intersection between function and aesthetics that sparks a dialogue around disability aids and the context of the wearer. Normally taboo and hidden under your garments, Lanzavecchia makes these medical devices so beautiful that they could be worn as the outer garments themselves.

Gwendolyn Huskens is another designer exploring this topic. Her line of footwear called “Medic Esthetic” pushes our idea of how we wear and use foot braces. She considers the fashionable aspect and makes them so beautiful, it’s no longer necessary to be embarrassed and hide your ailment. In fact, I would wear these even without an ailment:

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  1. Bro
    November 11, 2008

    I’ve been seeing the footwear pop up on the net and it reminded me of Alexander McQueen’s early fashion show where he used amputees as models. Keep up the cool posts.

  2. nancy
    November 12, 2008

    These devices, as functional as the device before, are much more aesthetically beautiful than the stair step helper in the previous post. It’s good to know that designers are working on these issues.

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